Success by adding an edge to you in the Digital Space.

At this stage it is absolutely essential for large and small businesses alike to have a web presence.
We understand that a website is an interface for business and our devoted team of web disgner make sure that they create websites which augments your business as whole. Also, our development services are unparallel in terms of creativity and cost-effectiveness.
When you choose us, you choose quality, professionalism, dedication, experience, and an everlasting relationship.

Our Online Advertising Agency is helping clients establish and implement online strategies for over 11 years and will continue to do so.

Working with us on solid and permanent basis will not only save your money but also your energy and time. We blend the benefits of a large Advertising agency - strategic approach, compelling creative work, and full completement of in-house advertising services.

Whether it is SEO, Online Classified Ad, E Mail Marketing, PPC Search Engine Marketing or combination of above, our expert staff will be able to work with you to identify the best solution for your organization. We offer everything your business needs to an internet presence; from concept to concrete. The decisions you make and regard to your marketing and advertising needs are critical to your sucess.

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Kaleido is a Strategic Planning and Communication division of thoughtrains that initiates the creative processes for brands with a vision. Kaleido has a strong track record of launching and advertising brands of repute in India. With a clear vision of bringing value addition to brands, Kaleido partners with clients with vision and passion.



Established in 2001 with a 3 member team,Thoughtrains Design was started as a creative studio with core expertise in branding, design and multimedia. Known for creating successful brand identities in retail, telecom and real estate industries, thoughtrains today is synonymous with branding and visual design expertise in Mumbai, India.



The digital arm of thoughtrains is a full service, independent online agency that deals with building interactive, creative & media solutions to brands. Powered with a team of developers, designers, analysts and marketing professionals, Conquest proviedes a plethora of digital marketing, activation and maintenance services under one roof.

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 Aishick Hazra

Aishick Hazra

Managing Director.

A design engineer from IIT Powai, Aishick realised his entrepreneurial dreams by setting up Thoughtrains, a specialist, identity design and communications agency in the year 2000. Thoughtrains today is recognized as a progressive agency with a clientele that boasts of the biggest names in the realty, retail and hospitality industry

 Amita Manek

Amita Manek


A practicing homeopath, Amita chose to walk the uncharted path of offering marketing and communications solutions to the real estate industry in the year 1989 and made a niche’ for herself as a woman entrepreneur. In the year 2002, she teamed up with Aishick at Thoughtrains and has been at the helm of growing the business year after year.

 Kumar Ganesan

Kumar Ganesan

Executive Director.

A graduate in chemistry, Kumar’s career path charts a journey that started with market research, sales and finally advertising as a copywriter. 15 years as a creative professional, his brand portfolio includes big names like Toyota, Lexus, Panasonic, IKEA, Marks & Spencer and Cipla i-pill.

 Narendran Rao

Narendran Rao

ecutive Director.

A graduate in microbiology, Naren’s passion as an illustrator saw him take up art in advertising. 13 years as a creative professional, his brand portfolio includes big names like Dabur, Cox & Kings, SOTC, Go Air and Cipla i-pill.

 Ashwin Gohil

Ashwin Gohil

Executive Director.

With more than 12 years of experience in Designing and Advertising, Ashwin drives brands with his extensive knowledge in design, art and creativity. Ashwin is a master of design and a benevolent leader working relentlessly towards achieving organisational goals.

Strength to see from all Perspectives.

Working with us on a solid and permanent basis will not only save you money but also your energy and time. We blend the benefits of a large advertising agency - strategic approach, compelling creative work, and a full complement of in-house advertising services.



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